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ER-Saha Oy
ER-Saha Oy is a family owned company with 55 M euro turnover. Annual production is 170 000 m3 sawn timber of which 60 % is pine and 40 % spruce. We produce standard sawn timber and customer tailored special products.
Mr. Olli Poutanen,
FM Timber
Fm Timber Team Oy is a privately owned sawmill company, which has been established 1997 and is located in Northern Central Finland. Our annual sawn timber production is 140 000 m3 (60/40 Spruce and Pine). At the moment we export 80 % out of our production for 16 countries.
Esa Luukkainen,
HASA is privately owned sawmill established in 1989. Annual capacity is 350 000 cbm of pine and spruce timber. HASA is located in central part of Finland. We can offer wide range of rough sawn timber from 16 mm up to 100 mm thickness and 75 mm up to 275 mm width. Lengths are done in 30 cm modules (2.1 – 5.4 m). MC of our timber varies from kd 8 % up to normal shipping dry. Whitewood sideboards are available in 22×100-225 and 32×100-225. Special sizes and lengths upon request.
Mr. Jussi Walta,
Iisveden Metsä Oy
Iisveden Metsä Oy has been active since 1924. Throughout our history we have committed ourselves to responsibility towards both the nature and our customers. We strive at being a dependable partner, both in our raw material sourcing and towards our clients. Our annual production is ca 100.000 m3 of spruce sawn timber. We are specialised in customer-oriented production. Our product range comprises mainly fix lengths (4.0/4.5/5.1/5.4m) and also special dimensions. We are located in the finest spruce area of Finland, which enables us to offer a highest quality of timber for discerning clients.
Mr. Pekka Sainio,
Isojoen Saha Oy
Isojoen Saha Oy is a private, family-owned sawmill company, which, during its 60 year history has become an important player both in the domestic and international markets. The company consumes 300 000 cubic meters of PEFC certified softwood logs on a modern, fully atomized production line.
Mr. Timo Seilo,
JPJ-Wood Oy
JPJ-Wood Oy is middle size, family owned sawmill located in good raw material areas at Juupajoki, central Finland. Company was based 1994 and is concentrated Scandinavian spruce and pine sawn timber production. Total production is 120 cbm sawn timber (70 % spruce, 30% pine). Production units are modern, equipped with latest technology. JPJ-Wood has PEFC certification.
Mr. Pauli Aaltonen,
Junnikkala Oy
Junnikkala Oy is a manufacturing company in Finland specialized in Redwood and Whitewood. We have our own forest harvest team, sawmills, planning plant and painting plant. We are strongly investing in further processing, and the now existing technology allows us to react quickly to customers’ specific requirements. We offer high strength sawn timber, furniture quality sawn timber, and planed timber, as well as further processed floorboard, indoor and outdoor panels.
Mr. Veli-Matti Junnikkala,
Keitele Timber Oy
Keitele Group is one of the leading private wood products manufacturers in Finland. We have strong focus growing our business – Keitele has three sawmills: Keitele with capacity of 500.000 cbm, Kemijärvi 300.000 cbm and Alajärvi 250.000 cbm. We utilise Finnish, high-quality raw material by sawing and further processing it in line with needs of our clients. Main product groups are sawn timber (75% Redwood, 25% Whitewood), structural gluelam and planed goods. We are known from our on time deliveries and good quality. We control the whole supply chain from forest to ready product and delivery. We are ISO 14001 and PEFC certified.
Mr. Juha Timonen,
Kinnaskoski Oy
Kinnaskoski is family-owned sawmill now in third generation located in middle Central Finland. Annual production in two sawmills is 215 000 m3 sawn timber . We offer sawn whitewood in all qualities from customer oriented U/S sorting’s to VI quality. We produce all standard sizes between 22 – 75 mm in thickness and 70 – 250 mm in width. Also special sizes, lengths and special kiln’s are possible for us. We also sell Thermowood where treatment is done by our partner company.
Mr. Joonas Nenonen,
Koskisen Oy
Koskisen is a family business committed to wood. Koskisen’s aim is to grow as a family-owned company by producing higher quality products and services for demanding customers. Our product pallet covers: sawn and processed timber, plywood, chipboard, birch products and prefabricated houses.
Mr. Jukka Tamminen,
Kotkamills Oy
Kotkamills is a responsible partner that delivers renewable products and performance to its customers’ processes via product innovations created from wood, a renewable raw material. Kotkamills offers visually attractive sawn whitewood with high strength properties for demanding joinery and construction.
Mr. Visa Kutvonen,
Kuhmo Oy
Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, internationally operating private sawmill. Our annual production is more than 400 000 m3 of Red- and Whitewood sawn timber. Our commitment is in providing high quality products to match customer’s needs by respecting nature. In Kuhmo Oy we produce almost all timber products from standard sizes to tailor made products in compliance with customer requirements. Apart from the important domestic market we are also well represented in Western Europe, North Africa and Far East.
Mr. Matti Sipiläinen,
Lapuan Saha Oy / Lapua Sawmill Ltd.
The sawmill is located in Western Finland in Etelä-Pohjanmaa area, best spruce area in Finland. Raw material is slowly grown, but still knots are very sound. Lapua has production capacity 75 000 cbm annually. 80% of the production is spruce (Picea Abies) and 20% pine (Pinus Silvestris).
Kyösti Kurkela,
Luvian Saha Oy
Luvian Saha Oy is one of the largest family owned sawmills in Finland. We produce annually 270 000 m3 sawn goods, spruce and pine, and approx. 40 000 m3 planed and painted wooden products. Our turnover is approx. EUR 70 M. We are using modern technology in our processes. We are located in Western Finland close to export harbours. We offer high quality sawn goods, both in spruce and pine. Planed timber, wooden floorings and also painted interior and exterior claddings.
Mr. Heikki Hippi,
Multian Saha Oy
Multian Saha Oy is a family-owned company founded in 1952, specializing in high quality custom sawn timber products. Our main focus is to produce sawn timber according to customers’ needs with best-in-class quality. Multian Saha Oy visions to be even more customer need oriented. Long-term relationships and deep trust both ways are the cornerstones of our co-operation with our clients.
Mr. Heikki Nuoranne,
Pölkky Oy
Pölkky Oy is the biggest private North Finnish producer of high quality wooden products with 650.000 m3 annual production of lumber. 70% of our output is pine and 30% spruce. We can offer a wide range of further processed wood products both for construction and interior décor, even a full set of wooden products for wood houses.
Mr. Aki Aikio,
Sahakuutio Oy
Sahakuutio Oy and Ekosampo Oy are located in the center of good East Finnish raw material reserves. Annual output of sawn timber is 65 000 m3 of which 55 % is whitewood and 45 % redwood. Sawn timber production concentrates on small diameter pine and spruce timber which is optimal raw material for furniture components, construction components (glue laminated timber) and Thermowood. Ekosampo Oy, that produces about 6000 m3 Thermowood annually, is a subsidiary of Sahakuutio Oy. 100 % of the used raw material comes from Sahakuutio Oy.
Mr. Pasi Martikainen,
Veljekset Vaara
Sawn and planed timber precisely dimensioned to the customer’s requirements. In addition to our standard dimensions for sawn timber, we also manufacture high quality wooden panels for use in interior design and construction. Thanks to our highly automated, computer controlled production, we are able to tailor timber goods to dimensions specified by the customer and even made with their own profiles.
Mr. Jukka Vaara,
Versowood Oy
Versowood is the largest private company in the field of mechanical wood processing. Turnover 360 M and 760 employees. Our products are exported to over 45 countries all over the world. Our annual raw wood procurement is 3,5 million m3, of which 33% is pine and 67% is spruce. We produce about 1,3 million m3 of sawn timber, 100 000 m3 glue laminated beams, 150 000 telecom and electricity poles per year. We produce e.g: sawn timber, planed goods, painted goods, impregnated telecom and electricity poles, stress graded, finger jointed. Raw materials are carefully selected in the forest and carried out with respect of nature (PEFC certification system, FSC Mix and FSC Controlled wood). Versowood has CE certifications.
Mr. Ville Kopra,
Westas Group Oy
Westas Group is a privately-owned sawmilling company located in western Finland. Its subsidiaries are Raunio and Pihlava sawmills. Group’s sawmills produce approximately 360 000 m3 of spruce and pine sawn goods annually for construction, furniture, and other further processing needs. Straightforward, flexible and efficient production are cornerstones of the customer-oriented operations.
Mr. Pekka Kopra,